Today more than ever, businesses large and small struggle with staffing issues, but the pace of business rarely pauses to let you catch your breath. If you’re having a hard time managing the details or finding the right person to fill that role, we should talk.

Think of me as the smart, friendly, efficient, and effective human version of the  breathing room you desperately need.

Whether it’s someone to jump in to manage the minutiae of an important project or to help build a client relationship, someone to handle your trade show or conference logistics, or to provide virtual or executive assistance - I am ready and more than able to step in so you can take that much-needed breath.

You can plug me in to oversee your business operations across departments in a variety of capacities. I’ll develop strategies to improve productivity and team morale, while keeping everyone on track to meet your financial goals. 

I’ll handle all of the moving parts of a project, communicating with all key players to make sure everyone understands expectations and that the deliverables are on-time and on-budget.

My strong communication and organization skills will help foster a healthy culture as I develop, nurture, and strengthen your company’s relationship with clients. I also work closely with your client-facing staff to help them understand the client’s needs and how the entire team creates a successful relationship. 

Need help with all of the details for your upcoming trade show, office relocation, or event? I’ll handle the shipping, unloading, loading, arranging for lighting, carpet, build outs, printing, signage, and all of the other things that make your event a success. 

You’re busy managing your company and shouldn’t spend time juggling and prioritizing your schedule, travel, emails, phone calls, and documents. With my people skills, excellent communication, and ability to organize the most daunting details, I can free up your time to focus on other important things with confidence.


Over the past twenty years, I have realized a pattern and purpose in my work: step in to fill gaps, build bridges, and help people connect with their teammates and with the work at hand.

My experience managing offices and a wide variety of projects and clients in multiple industries has helped me fine-tune my problem-solving superpowers. Needing to have an attention to detail and be able to work independently as a consultant goes without saying. I’m obsessed with the details and with moving the needle forward.

I’ve worked with marketing teams, art departments, sales teams, research and development teams, CEOs and Creative Directors.

I’ve supported key players and managed clients and projects in industries including:

  • Mining & Aggregates
  • Health & Food
  • Safety
  • Farming
  • Event & Venue

and I’m ready to step in to help support yours.

I’ve managed all the moving parts on projects including:

  • Social Media Presence
  • Client Management
  • Website Structure
  • Video/Photo shoot

and I’m ready to handle all the things for you.

I’m determined to make myself invaluable in both leadership and critical support roles. I’m comfortable jumping into the fray and doing all I can to learn and understand my client’s needs, so I can help them achieve their goals.

Communication is my other superpower. Whether it’s managing work flow of project assets via email, Slack, and phone calls or having tough conversations to rally a team, I’m committed to healthy, effective communication.

My goal is to quickly become that person who rocks the ever-growing to-do list and who you wish you’d had onboard all along.

But don’t take my word for it - see what my past clients have to say about working with me:


Jodi possesses an incredible gift when it comes to her effortless ability to quickly connect with people. The result of her sincere connection is lasting professional relationships based on trust and accountability. 

Clients found Jodi was approachable, quick and adaptably, and had a particularly keen sense for problem solving. She worked diligently to understand her client’s needs and to ensure that the delivered product would be useful and sustainable, while also driving their brand success. 

Jodi was committed to working in a streamlined manner, so that she could simultaneously help clients feel comfortable with stages of development and delivery, and gently manage the creative team’s timely delivery of promised marketing assets.

Jodi is not afraid to take the lead on a project but can also confidently serve in a critical support role, making her an invaluable employee. She is an effective communicator, able to have difficult conversations or give praise when deserved, helping to elevate the importance of healthy team dynamics and role clarity.

Jodi is a dedicated employee whose level of client care and relationship building comes quite naturally. Her devotion to clients is matched only by her attention to internal company-wide relationships and being a trusted confidant of her peers. Her attention to detail helps her mitigate potential problems, which in turn allows the employees around her to work to their potential. Her kind and tenacious personality makes her an incredible asset to any team. 

Jodi is a quick learner and welcomes new challenges for her personal development with a positive attitude that is contagious for any company culture. She is a thoughtful, organized, driven professional, whose likeness is tough to duplicate.